what do we do?

Individuals and collectives, are the makers of our cultural world. Artists, collectors, dealers, cities, universities, curators, etc, all of them, within different positions and goals, are the creators of cultural ecosystems. The contemporary art world is global, but and at the same time, art and culture are very particular to certain areas, or in other words have very local and traditional character traits.

 With this globalization art and culture - at a very fast pace - are becoming significant sectors for the world's economic development, challenges are becoming greater as well.

This growing complexity of the art world constantly requires new ways of thinking and approaches to participate in the cultural ecosystem.

We develop new perspectives and ideas for and with individuals, as well as collectives, corporations, cities, regions, in the public and private sphere, so they can go further with more sustainability and greater impact, and effectively be part in the re-creation of the art world.

Our solutions are based on analysis. We love to learn from artists who break the rules and promote creativity, and implement this approach in our work. We produce knowledge, and share this with others. Knowledge is a keystone on which long lasting art and culture exists. Art and culture are far more than trends, and superficiality.

our three fundamental steps are





specific condition sets: markets, law frames, cultural policies, etc

individual and or collective local identity and taste

identification of key players

status quo and issues to be resolved





development of strategies and practices

creation of portfolios

networking guidelines

Knowledge production





(re-) design

collection management

collection building

and profile